Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed

My Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed. Watch Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed. Episode 1 in the TV Anime Series Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.



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10 thoughts on “Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1 Dubbed”

  1. finally dubbed. dubbed is always best. Some people like subbed better but dont realize how much attention they take away from all the detail in the anime by reading the subtitles. I just hope they can dubb the anime fast enough so i dont keep having to watch the subbed version

    • Not always the best. However, people do prefer to hear it in their own language. I wish they would use more voice actors instead of the same ones they’ve probably used since the company started.

    • If you can read fast enough you don’t really miss anything… If the episodes are being released then they don’t need to dub any faster because they are finished, it’s just released weakly anyway because that’s how TV shows work

      • I read fast but regardless if you do or not you can’t enjoy the details of an anime as much if you have to read it. Many times the characters ramble on and on and your looking at the words while the anime is going and you’re looking back and forth which still taking away from detail you could notice. Especially if there is a lot of action you miss detail whether you notice it or not. Either way it’s just more relaxing to hear anime in my own language rather than having to read it.

      • Also many anime are dubbed in bunches and released one by one and often times a website can get access to the ones that aren’t yet released on TV. So when I said I hope they dub them fast it’s so they can be released faster and I don’t have to worry about waiting too long

    • the problem with dubbed is especially with comedy animes some of the jokes are lost in translation and the english dub just doesn’t do them justice. there are very few animes were id prefer the english dub over the subs

      • Ehh that might be true but for those jokes guess what 1. the subs still cant translate the joke correctly cause it was meant to be said in that language anyway and 2. tons of the jokes are meant for the japanese people and are of then word play jokes that dont make sense unless we know that language. I think almost every anime id rather watch dubbed. subs is ok but since i dont have to read for myself i can enjoy the anime more by paying attention to art details and action rather than focusing on the words on the screen. Even if you read fast youre still spitting your attention if its subbed.

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