Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4 Subbed

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4 Subbed

My Hero Academia Episode 4. Watch Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4. Episode 4 in the TV Anime Series Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.



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64 thoughts on “Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4 Subbed”

  1. yarın tam olarak
    22.33:40 + 13.36:10
    =35.69:50 – 24.00:00
    =36.09:50 – 24.00:00
    tam 12.09:50 de yayında japoncayı bir şekilde öğrenenler kaçırmayın askljkljlkjkljkljkljkl
    ben anime izleyerek öğrendim ^^

  2. NWAnime’s server was down so I had to watch here. That One Punch Man vibe when you see something get beat by one punch.

  3. so I have heard good things about this Anime but my expectation wasn’t that high because what else could top the likes of SAO or One punch man right??? four episodes later I am so teared up by this Anime, I was like OMFG this is awesome….

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