Boku no Hero Academia Episode 9 Subbed

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 9 Subbed

My Hero Academia Episode 9. Watch Boku no Hero Academia Episode 9 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Boku no Hero Academia Episode 9. Episode 9 in the TV Anime Series Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.



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26 thoughts on “Boku no Hero Academia Episode 9 Subbed”

  1. 6 hours and 30 minutes until it comes as soon as it comes i’m gonna be going like a madman waiting at the last hour

  2. cliff fucking hanger why fucking not here we fuckking go 7 fucking days with out good fucing sleep agian:>

    • Primo, rather than complain about how much this is a cliffhanger, go read the manga.
      Secundo, if you can’t sleep well without knowing the outcome of an event in a fictional show, then maybe you should stay away from them.

      • Or how about we don’t take a comment said in obvious hyperbole with that level of seriousness? 😛 It’s a good show, fella, and he was expressing his intense desire to see more. Nothin’ wrong with that.

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